Jan 25, 2011

And the boss said unto one man…

… let there be lifestream and there was lifestream and it was good until the boss asked for feature changes.

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  • Windows shared-hosting reboots.

    We will be performing a number of reboots over the course of this week on Windows shared hosting nodes in order to install critical security updates. We will attempt to keep disruption to a minimum however there will be some short outages ( 5-10 minutes ) on the windows shared hosting platform starting from today […]
  • Issue sending mail on qMail

    Update 11:25: This has now been resolved. We are investigating an issue when sending email on shared, returning an error: wrong response from throttling daemon This is being investigated by our engineers and an update will follow shortly.

Get Personal With . ME

  • Shane McDonald’s Photo Blog

    Shane McDonald uses his .me for his photo blog:

    Shane posts photos on his photo blog on a regular basis, as well as providing information about the photographic equipment he’s using.

    It’s a nice example of a .me domain name being used by someone as their personal space.

    Know of any other ones? Let us know 🙂

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